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The tools that we are able to apply to problems alter our perceptions of the challenges we face and the solutions that are appropriate

What is the Toolbox?

Toolbox is as an alternative approach to education at Wells Park, developed to ensure all children can access the curriculum and make progress with their learning. This innovative provision within our school has been established in order to meet the broad range of needs for all our children.

We aim to provide purposeful learning opportunities to support the specific needs of all the children, enabling each child to achieve. 

The class is split in to three groups: Badgers, Foxes and Deer. These groups have a 'Home room' for registration and visit each room, Feel-it, Think-it and Do-it, for a lesson every day. 

Accept yourself, your strengths, your weaknesses, your truths, and know what tools you have to fulfill your purpose”.

Steve Maraboli

Our Core Values:

  • Class readiness
  • Reading Skills
  • Mathematical Skills
  • Social Skills
  • Growth Mindset
  • Positive Relationships

To achieve this, we will:

  • Assess learning needs on entry
  • Assess social and emotional needs on entry
  • Provide evidence based interventions
  • Provide exciting learning expriences to engage and motivate the children
  • Enable the children to develop skills across all areas of learning
  • Ensure all children can access a meaningful curriculum 
  • Liaise as a team, working collaboratively to support the specific needs

'Think It'

The thinking room is a newly renovated class which has been designed to engage and motive the children with their learning. The sessions are specifically planned to support and develop reading writing and maths skills. It works closely with the ‘doing room’,  making links to a range of curriculum subjects. 

The children are supported by Mrs McDermott and Katie.


Our topic this half term has been All About Me. In our writing we made profiles of ourselves; describing our likes, dislikes and friends in school. We then had to think about what we would like to be when we grow up. We created job applications and shared our skills with the class. We even got to interview the adults around the school about what they wanted to be when they were little and why. In our writing, we are always checking for correct use of punctuation and ways to make it more exciting. We have wrote spooky stories for Halloween and used examples of exciting openers to make our writing more gripping for the reader.

We have been learning a range of styles of writing from fiction and non-fiction and every Thursday get to express our creative writing skills through Big Writing Sessions. Mrs McDermott found a mysterious egg in the playground one day and we wrote about where we think it came from and what was in it. We also had to make potions after finding a magic wand and wrote about the magic powers we would like to have! Our Big writing sessions are making our writing more creative and building us up as independent writers.


At the start of this year, we learnt all about ourselves through measure. We were set the challenge to find out who had the longest hands and feet. We used non-standard and standard units of measure to compare the lengths and then measured our height to see who was the tallest. We then used rulers and meter sticks to measure different objects around the school. We have learnt how to measure in millimetres, centimetres and meters.

After this, we moved on to learning about the value of numbers. We have plotted numbers on number lines, starting from 1 – 10 all the way up to 1 – 100. We have applied this to help us compare numbers using greater than and less than symbols. This has helped us to add and subtract using different resources. We have used Numicon and number beads to find number bonds from 10 to 100 and are starting to record our answers in a number sentence.

'Feel It'

‘All together we are one big masterpiece’

The adults that support us in the ‘Feel It’ Room are Kayley and Sat - we all worked together to agree a set of rules that we can follow in order to make sure that everybody in our class family feels cheerful and on track to learn.

The skills we learn in the ‘Feel It’ Room are: Good looking and listening, Good sitting, Taking turns, Learning about different emotions and how to manage and express those emotions, Making friendships, Celebrating ourselves, peers and learning. 

We learn these skills through: Role play, Discussion Written activities, Target setting, Ideas for reinformance/follow on learning tasks

During our lesson, we always follow the same schedule: Feelings Talk (speaking and listening), Learning Task (activity), Choosing (role-play, construction, sensory and teamwork), Social skills game (communication, cooperation and teamwork


We have thoroughly enjoyed our ‘All about me’ topic and worked very hard as a group (Deer, Foxes and Badgers) to make sure we all belong to our class ‘family’. At the beginning of the school year, we focused on ourselves as an individual with our own wants, interests and abilities that then in turn supported us to work as a team and made our class feel happy and safe (we focused on turn taking and making sure everybody has a ‘voice’ and is apart of the group and feels valued).

We created an ‘All about Me’ booklet to understand we are all special and unique (on display in our classroom) this was to recognise our own strengths and qualities.

As a group, we have enjoyed role-playing and acting out different emotions, which has helped to create a teamwork environment in which we all feel respected.

We have spent a considerable amount of time focusing on kindness and how our own two hands can change the world:- Helping others, Baking cakes, Sharing toys, Playing with each other, Being a good friend, Taking turns

During one learning task, we created a kindness flowers for adults that help us and this in turn helped to spread happiness in our school community, which made us feel very happy!

Every Thursday we complete a Teamwork Thursday Challenge in which we work together so we achieve more – this has helped us to realise there is no I in TEAM!

To link in with the school ethos we have been working very hard on applying our growth mindset thinking when faced with new learning challenges - we are continually to improve on this daily with the adults support!

We cannot wait for next half term in the ‘Feel It’ Room!

'Do It'

As part of a creative curriculum, the ‘Doing room’ provide practical learning opportunities in which children will apply the skills, knowledge and understanding gained from both THINK IT and FEEL IT.

The children will access various areas of learning from the curriculum, which will be delivered through a topic based, cross curricula approach. 

Children will experience a range curriculum subjects including;

  • Science
  • History 
  • Geography 
  • Art and Design
  • Design and Technology
  • Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development 

The ‘Me, Myself and I’ topic gave a great opportunity for then children to explore their preferences and identity. The children researched homes from the past, identifying features that give clues to how old a house might be. We then used these features to create a model home, decorating the interior with wallpaper, flooring, furniture and belongings that we like. We developed the idea by trying to protect our homes from flooding, some chose stilts, others floating bases and the finished results look fantastic as the first items on the new shelving in the class.

We enjoyed making sandwiches thanking others who help us at school. We took an order from the person before using ingredients grown in the school garden for some fillings. We presented them in a golden box and added personalised stickers.

We looked at the body parts, using the correct names when talking about how they work and help our bodies move. We create labelled parts diagrams and added self-portrait sketches to the along with labels for our favourite activities.

We really enjoyed developing our own superheroes and villains, beginning with characteristics to develop a colour scheme, logo and settings. We then created props and settings for our own movies that were filmed using the tablets with our own commentary.

We developed our own cars powered by electrical circuits, rubber bands or balloons. We decorated them in colours of our own style and enjoyed testing them on different surfaces comparing the effect that friction has on the vehicles.  

The groups did very well with programming robots using commands to solve problems. They wrote their own algorithms and then tested them to de-bug any issues in the instructions.

As part of the Halloween/all saints festivals, we designed costumes and pumpkins for competitions and the winning entry can be seen on the home page of the website.

If all you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.

If the only tool you have is a hammer, it's hard to eat spaghetti”.

David Allen

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We love to celebrate the progress that the children make with their reading and spelling. Here are the recent achievers that have moved up a level

Autumn 2018:

Tyler 6th Nov.

Morgan 5th Nov.

Georgie 5th Nov.

Hayden 30th Oct. 

Obie 29th Oct. 

Jayden 16th Oct.

Aidan 16th Oct.

Riley 10th Oct. 

Blake 2nd Oct.

Ethan 27th Sept. 

Georgie 19th Sept. 

Home learning

If during your time at home, you are wanting some extra learning, do not forget to check out our different programmes! Log in details should be in the back of chatbooks.


Lexia is a reading and spelling APP which is tailored to the pupils existing knowledge and will reinforce previous learning, but introduce new spelling and reading approaches to enable the children to become confident, happy readers!


Mathletics is an online programme which has a range of different Maths activities around a set unit, which will encourage the children to show their understanding in a range of contexts- including at a mastery level! We are ensuring that we revisit our previous learning and continue to apply this (so that we do not forget it!) and we try really hard each week to beat our scores. They are impressively increasing each week.