Chestnut Newsletters

What we've been doing

We’ve enjoyed lots of fun activities this term…

We made some delicious food on our Mexican night and designed our own pizza’s.

We screamed with excitement when we went Tubing.

We worked as a team at Bowling and Top Golf.

We watched The BFG and The Original Power Ranger Movie in the school cinema.

At the end of this term we are going Trampolining which the boys are really looking forward to.

Learning together

We do various activities to improve and develop the boys social skills, which include; teamwork, listening, working with our own inititive, friendships, relationships, self esteem, confidence, creativity and imagination.

We work with the chestnut boys on their life skills and self care, doing things such as: how to fold their clothes, how to effectivley brush their teeth, how to make their beds, how to ensure they look presentable, how to wash their hair and body properly and the reasons why these are all important and how these skills will help them later in life. 

Celebrations and achievements

Marcus joined our house and become the newest member of the Chestnut Family.

Lewis was voted our School Council Rep by the whole school.

Most of our boys succeeded in their targets and are working hard to achieve their new ones.

Dylan, Lewis & Harry have accomplished their individual sticker charts, focusing on role model behaviour, being helpful, being kind, sharing and being a good friend.

Malakai learned how to do a fishtail plait and showcased his new ability with the adults and Marcus.