Mulberry Newsletters

Things we like to do

We enjoy playing games with our friends and building interesting creations with Lego. On the playground Paul teaches the group new football skills and Nicole helps us with fun group games. We really like developing our independence skills which helps us when we move to Pathways class and onto other houses. We have wardrobes for our personal items, it is our responsibility to look after them and keep everything tidy.

We invite our friends round for dinner or go to visit them on other houses. Our Facetime and Skype evening is on a Monday which is great as we get to see our families again.  One of our favourite days of the week is Thursday as we enjoy our house night trips.    

The story so far

Before Christmas we had fantastic activities, we really enjoyed tubing especially when the adults pushed us so we went faster. Our favourite choice was the JRC buffet, we tried a variety of different foods from other countries! Our adults helped with describing what the food was and trying the same items as us. 

The boys on the house are currently exploring lots of new hobbies. Recently playing the guitars, using mirror methods when colouring and developing a larger interest in films such as star wars and cartoons from the 80’s!

Celebrations and achievments

We would like to thank our old school council representatives Ryan and Alfie for the fantastic job they have done sharing ideas and making changes around the school. We welcome our new representative Jak to the role and trust him to do an excellent job.