Welcome to Orange Class

In Orange class we have: Beau, Finlee, Ashton, Carter, Jayden, Owen, Riley, Jamie, Jack, Bradley, Malakai, Mr Tugwell, Lara, Maria and Shamilla. 

Orange class have been settling back into school life after the summer holidays and getting back into the daily routines. This has been my first half term at Wells Park and the boys have welcomed me wonderfully, showing off their amazing skills and learning during our lessons. We have been very busy exploring a range of different topics relating to the title ‘Connecting Together’. Our Science topic this half term has been on circuits. We spent lots of time experimenting with wires, batteries, bulbs, buzzers and motors building all kinds of circuits. We have been learning about settlements in Geography, exploring the different types of settlement that people create. We worked towards the boys creating their own futuristic settlements full of amazing innovations and technology.

The group is already working really well together. We are seeing friendships blossom, collaboration in projects and students helping each other manage and succeed. Week on week they are working better as a team, showing respect and understanding towards each other. They are showing the same behaviour outside of the classroom too. Since our class are now the oldest students in the school, they have been keen to show that they are excellent role models to the younger students, and the many new students that have joined the school in the past half term.




In English our aim was to write the most vivid and personal diary entry. We needed elaborate adjectives, intense sentence openers and of course a character with a particularly peculiar mind to enter into. Who else could fill these boots other than the nose-wrinkling Mr Stink? We loved entering into the bizarre world of David Walliams through the eyes of Chloe, the underappreciated young girl who befriends the quirky tramp. Along the way we explored the key characters in the text, some of the settings we encounter and the thoughts and feelings of the stinkiest man to ever live. No study of such a book would ever be complete though without actually smelling the most awful cocktail of sausage, onion, vinegar and who knows what else! The boys both loved and hated smelling the horrible concoction, but came up with some fantastic adjectives, metaphors and similes along the way!


Maths has been all about getting back to the basics. We started by learning about place value, taking any number and being able to partition it into the various numbers that make it up. From this we were able to develop our understanding of addition and subtraction, both mentally and using the column method. Some of the boys even managed to apply these skills to word problems, showing they could figure out the sum in the problem and then solve it!

We also spent some time learning the different symbols for roman numerals, playing a great game of charades where students did actions for the numbers that the others had to guess. They then applied this to solving sums using roman numerals up to 1000, or M!


We started the year exploring the importance of connections. Whether that’s the importance of wires connecting in a circuit or people connecting together to form a settlement, connecting is essential to systems working properly.

Our focus for science was circuits, which we tied together with our design and technology focus that was electrical systems. This allowed us to investigate many of the electrical products that we use every day inside and out. We learnt about the circuits inside that help them function, and the design of the casing that helps us decide to choose one product over the other. This led us to design and create our own electrical product. Designs ranged from torches to fans to alarms. The boys absolutely loved the freedom to design and create their own product, and began to appreciate the real difficulties between the process of design and then creating their products.

In Geography we investigated settlements. We started by considering different the benefits of locations, questioning what people need to help them survive. We then moved on to research the different types of settlements that might be formed by a group of people. Next, we applied this to our knowledge of the past, drawing on our history expertise to assess how different civilisations have built settlements and the features they invented, such as the Roman sewage system. Lastly we took a glimpse into the future of settlements, learning about some of the most cutting edge cities being planned and built today. Students then had the opportunity to create their own high tech mega city full of amazing innovations.


We had some great successes in our dedicated daily Lexia time. The boys continue to love the challenge of the online reading software and get very excited by the achievements they make. Certificates have been earnt already this half term, meaning some are very much on track to completing the first programme and moving onto the advanced software. Some of our successes include Jack completing two whole levels and now working on level 7, Beau reaching level 16 and Owen and Finlee reaching level 15.


WOW, or ‘World Outside our Window’, is a chance for our students to come up with projects they want to work on together that they might not normally get to during lesson time. It involves a huge amount of experimentation, production, teamwork and collaboration. This half term we started by building rockets. The boys each got a bottle to decorate and create a slick, speedy rocket ready to launch into the air. The fuel for the launch was vinegar and bicarbonate of soda, with a cork in the top to build up the pressure.

Suspense was high at the point of take-off, with a nervous count down the rockets exploded into the air leaving a trail of foam in their path!

Creative Writing

From high-diving Giraffes to robots exploring alien planets, Orange class have seen it all. Accessing the craziest parts of their brains, we have been on adventures to planets made of burgers, sweets and cheese, and watched on in awe as one by one a troupe of graceful Giraffes execute dives Tom Daley can only dream of! Starting the lesson with an imaginative video to get those creative juices flowing, students are then left alone with their thoughts to invent things you never thought you’d hear. Applying their excellent English skills to these wild and wonderful ideas has resulted in some whacky, fascinating and sometimes heart-warming stories that are a joy to read.