Welcome to Orange Class

Orange class have reached to the end of 2018 academic year! All the boys have been busy taking part in a range of fun and exciting activities across the curriculum. The class science topic was 'The world around us.' where the boys showed a great understanding of space. They shared their amazing facts about all the planets found in our solar system!  Orange class have also been screening World Cup games in their class and have been learning more about the culture of all the countries taking Part in the 2018 games. They have shared this knowledge with the rest of the school, offering a taste of the traditional food eaten in these countries.  Boys have been having weekly sessions with the ‘Music Man’ show casing their understanding of music.  Boys have shown they can follow rhymes and take turns with instruments.  Orange class has worked well together to show great listening skills. Finally, big congratulations to all of the boys for their amazing progress and achievement in reading! Boys in Orange class have been reaching targets weekly on Lexia, passing stages and awarded certificates.




For the final summer term boys have enjoyed learning about ‘The worlds around us’ orange class investigated the solar system in great detail.  Naming and labelling all the planets. Showing a good understanding of how close each planet is to the sun.

Orange Class have really got stuck into our second topic of the term, which was ‘The World Cup’. Boys covered many areas such as diet of an athlete, comparing and analysing statistics, history of the world cup, data collecting, locating countries on a map and tasting traditional foods from the countries playing in the games this year.  

Alongside our current topics Orange class have also been getting ‘green fingered’. They’ve enjoyed getting out in the sun and taking caring of our planets we seeded earlier in the year.  Boys have been super excited about the arrival of our new goats who are on our school farm.  Boys have shown great care and safety around our goats!!


Orange Class have continued their progress within the Lexia reading programme.  Expanding their spelling word bank, reading and

sentence structure.  Lots of boys have enjoyed using the software and I have given out more certificates to the boys who have completed a level or more. Boys have zoomed up in levels Piotr level 9, Carter level 16, Ashton level 10, Danny level 14, Charlie level 15, Ben level 11, Riley level 16, Jak level 15, Jack level 11 and Alfie level 12.  A massive well done to Orange class!!



The Summer term is almost at the end and it’s been a creative journey for our young writers!! Boys have continued developing their skills covering many topics and presenting the information in many styles such as recounts of our weekend, poems of the World Cup, rap of a topic that interest us, instruction writing on how to make a bespoke milkshake designed by each child.    




For the summer term we have been mainly been focusing on identifying properties of 2D and 3D shapes.  Boys have worked hard to understand how 3D shapes are form by using sticks and elastic bands to assemble cubes, triangular base pyramids and cuboid.  Boys had great fun investigating how many straight edges, curves and vertices shapes such as a cube, cuboid, sphere, cylinder and triangular pyramid has.  Orange class have also touched on data collection, creating a tally chart on who will win the World Cup? They questioned all the boys at Wells Park including the staff.  Brazil is looking like the favourite to win!! Boys then created a bar chart and pictograph to present their findings.

Wells Park have invested in a new programme called ‘mathletics’ to enrich and enhance boy’s mathematical knowledge and skills.  Orange class enjoy accessing this programme daily.