Welcome to Orange Class

Orange class have had a great start to the new Spring term 2018! They have been taking part in a range of fun and exciting activities and accessing a broad rich curriculum. The class topic was 'We are explorers'. The boys have been learning about biomes and climate zones in geography and materials and changes in Science. We also had a great 'WOW' week where the boys followed a trail, looked for clues and enjoyed a class film with popcorn as their reward. Orange class have also been learning about the Mexican festival 'Dia des muertos' which translates to the 'Day of the dead' festival.  Next term, we are really looking forward to learning about Ancient Greeks and moving and growing in science. Finally, a big congratulations to all of the boys for their amazing progress and achievement in reading! They have been working very hard on the new Lexia reading programme, which the school has invested in and is proving to be very successful.



The first half term of Spring has been fantastic for writing. The boys have been building their skills and enjoyed writing about multiple fun topics like; Green claws, where the children designed and planted their own seed which grew into things like West Ham footballs, money and chocolate from the Wells Park tree. Day of the dead, where the Orange Class wrote setting descriptions, recounts and created information texts. Also, 'Wow week', where the children answered and created riddles, created excellent cinquain poems and solved anagrams! The boys have also been writing about their amazing music lessons with Dave!

Next half term they are looking forward to writing about the Ancient Greeks and also writing related to our new class growing patch in the schools new polytunnel!



The first Spring half term has been action packed in maths. We have been learning about addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We have also been doing very difficult fraction calculations which the boys have used 'Growth Mindset' to conquer!

Next half term, we will be learning about time. The boys will learn to read time up to the nearest minute and also the difference between analogue and digital clocks. All of the children have been working very hard in maths lessons to achieve their objectives and have become very speedy at completing their individual learning plans and Rising Stars practice books.


Well done Orange class and thank you for a great Spring term so far!


For our first half term we have been learning about biomes and climate zones in geography and materials and changes in Science. We learnt about the three main climate zones; temperate, frigid and tropical. We also learnt about how the climate affects the habitats, wildlife and food that can grow. Can you name a country in the temperate zone?


In science we have been learning about the different states of matter. Do you know them? We moved around our class acting like the particles in each state of matter, it was really fun!


We also learnt about 'Dia des muertos' (Day of the dead in our topic. We created candy skulls out of paper mache and painted them for our festival. Then, we celebrated our own version of Day of the dead by collecting leaves from the forest and spreading on the grass and playground. This was because Mexicans lay petals for the spirits of the their loved ones to walk on during the festival. Finally, we enjoyed food, mexican music and even got to hit a pinata filled with sweets!


Lexia is still very new to the school but already we have made some excellent progress! Every child in the class has achieved at least one Lexia level certificate and most have achieved 2 or more. On top of that we have a Lexia legend each week, they recieive a certificate for hard work, effort or overcoming challenges.

Every day we use Lexia for at least 20 minutes. The programme helps us with our spellings, reading and sentence structure.

Coming up...

For the second Spring half term we will be learning about Ancienct Greeks and also about how we move and grow! In these topics we will be learning about such things like Greek god and godesses, Greek myths and also Ancient Greek art. We will also be learning about the human body, animal skenletons and what we use to move and grow!