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Orange class have had a great second half to finish off the Spring term 2018! They have been taking part in a range of fun and exciting activities and accessing a broad rich curriculum. The class science topic was 'Moving and Growing.' where the boys had great fun learning about the similarities and difference between animal skeletons and the human skeleton. The boys have also been learning about Ancient Greece for our history topic. We also had great fun when zoolab came to visit. They showed us their amazing collection of interesting animals from slugs to snakes! We also had a very successful World Book Day where education staff dressed as their favourite book characters. The boys really enjoyed hearing the story of George's Marvellous Medicine by Roald Dahl and creating their own disgusting potion afterwards! Next term, we are looking forward to learning all about space and the solar system. We have already been discussing the possibility of time travel while learning about black holes and Stephen Hawking in our class assemblies. Finally, a big congratulations to all of the boys for their amazing progress and achievement in reading! They have been working very hard on the new Lexia reading programme, which the school has invested in and is proving to be very successful.

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The second half term of Spring has been another action packed learning journey! The boys have been building their skills and enjoyed writing about multiple fun topics like; Ancient Greeks, 'George's Marvellous Medicine' and 'The Day the Crayons Quit'. There has been some especially high level discussion and mature ideas centred around the concept of living forever and the book 'How to Live Forever.' by Colin Thompson. The boys have been learning a range of skills in their writing from writing predictions and balanced arguments to setting descriptions and using adjectives in sentences.  The highlight of the term for the boys was to write a description of the Marvel superhero they created based on an Ancient Greek god.

Next half term, they are looking forward to writing about space and the solar system and investigateing their local area. Including lots of writing around farming and the forest!

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The second half of the Spring term in maths has been heavily based around time. The boys have been working very hard on  reading time to the nearest minute, 5 minutes, ten minutes and also learning what quarter past, half past and quarter to means. They especially enjoyed the task where they had to guess how long a minute was without a clock or stopwatch.

Later on in the term the boys began using time in practical contexts like time tables and answering word problems related to time. Next term, Orange class will be learning about place value related to decimals and percentages. This will give a depth of understanding to their prior learning about fractions earlier in the term.

Finally, next term the school will be trialling Symphony which is a maths programme to help support learning. The company is a partner company of Lexia and we are hoping for similar successes that the Lexia programme has brought to the boys reading levels.


For the final term of Spring 2018, Orange Class has enjoyed learning about Ancient Greece. They have listenend to various Greek myths including: Thesus and the minotaur and The Cyclops. They especially enjoyed learning about the different Greek gods and goddesses and designing their own Marvel superhero based on their favourite.

Orange class have been learning about how the body moves and grows in science. They did well to remember different bones in the human skeleton and then were surprised to see how we share similar bones with birds and other animals. Did you know? A baby is born with 270 - 300 bones and this number decreases at the age of 21!

Finally, the boys have really enjoyed learning outside again after the cold weather of winter and early spring. We have been learning about farming and the new polytunnel. The boys have helped me plant potatoes and lettuces while also helping to dig for soil to help with the summer planting coming up.

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Orange Class have continued their progress within the Lexia reading programme. Lots of boys have enjoyed using the software and I have given out more certificates to the boys who have completed a level or more. The reading progress within Orange class has been greatly helped by the programme so the boys should be proud of their hard work and success.

Every day we use Lexia for at least 20 minutes. The programme helps us with our spellings, reading and sentence structure.

Coming up...

For the first half term of summer we will be exploring space and learning all about the solar system around us. We will also be learning about the local area and farming. Also, the boys are really looking forward to trialing Symphony in maths and using the new Chrome books for the first time!