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The class thoroughly enjoyed the science dome day, finding out about space in an interactive and immersive way.

We read ‘I am Henry Finch’, a delightful book about individuality and thinking for yourself. It has helped us to talk about a whole range of situations as well as greatly developing our vocabulary about birds!


Lexia is a new APP that we use every day, where we practice our phonics, spellings and reading. In Patwhays class, the rule of Lexia is to be comfortable, so we find a comfy area in the room, we can take our shoes off if needed, grab a cushion and we relax and read. This has helped the boys to feel happy to read and it has engaged them!


These children have been awarded their certificate for completing a whole level:

Mylo Mar. 13th

Ryan Feb. 27th

Owen Feb. 26th

Jayden Feb. 26th

Danny Feb. 22nd

Brandon Feb. 21st 

Mylo Jan. 30th

Joshua Jan. 29th

Logan Jan. 23rd

Jayden Jan. 22nd

Owen Jan. 18th

Kye Jan. 9th

Logan Dec. 4th

Charlie Dec. 4th

Joshua Dec. 4th

Finlee Nov. 29th

Danny Nov. 28th

Charlie Nov. 22nd

Owen Nov. 21st

Mylo Nov. 16th

Charlie Oct. 18th


The term began with a wide variety of links across the plant and animal kingdoms and how organisms interrelate and exist in different habitats. We were able to see some of these situations first hand, even with a close up encounter with a mouse! We linked the lives of animals to the environments in which they live and really enjoyed making our own models to demonstrate some of the processes that go on around the world.

We also researched the events around the time of the Viking invasions, imagining motives, effects and the legacy of such events.


The class really enjoyed discussing around ‘The Haunted Playground’ by Shaun Tan where a boy’s quest for treasure with his metal detector, puts him in an uneasy situation. The class have also selected their own story text that takes pride of place on their desk, allowing reading whenever the opportunity arises.  

We have just begun the tale of ‘Varjak Paw’ an adventurous cat who has to discover the skills of an ancestor to save his family. We’ll let you know how the events unfold.



A wide range of fact sheets were developed to accompany our topic lessons but the real enjoyment came from the immersive learning we did around ‘I am Henry Finch’. We loved developing the entrance in to our own woodland complete with trees, shrubs, smells and sounds.



The group practices a wide range of calculation skills and methods, building on the areas of value for different digits. We got hands on with measuring length, mass and capacity, beginning to apply the knowledge to problem solving and real-life situations.


The spellings for the Pathways are targeted to the needs of the individuals in the group including phonic CVC words, high frequency words and word families. 

Woody Wells

We began our outdoor sessions with a range of team-building games and challenges. We then began preparing the poly tunnel for use in the spring and the hard work means that we have started planning our first seeds with leeks, tomatoes and cabbages germinating in the new year. 

Upcoming Events

We are all looking forward to growing our own fruit and vegetables through gardening sessions in the spring.