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The class have been really pushing forward with the school garden and farm. The children have watched their seeds sprout in to seedlings in the poly tunnel before planting them out in the garden beds. 



Lexia is an APP that we use every day, where we practice our phonics, spellings and reading. In Patwhays class, the rule of Lexia is to be comfortable, so we find a comfy area in the room, we can take our shoes off if needed, grab a cushion and we relax and read. This has helped the boys to feel happy to read and it has engaged them!


These children have been awarded their certificate for completing a whole level:

Mylo July 9th

Brandon July 2nd

Owen June 28th

Charlie June 7th

Danny June 7th

Finlee April 30th

Logan April 24th

Kye March 19th

Jamie March 15th

Charlie March 14th

Mylo Mar. 13th

Ryan Feb. 27th

Owen Feb. 26th

Jayden Feb. 26th

Danny Feb. 22nd

Brandon Feb. 21st 

Mylo Jan. 30th

Joshua Jan. 29th

Logan Jan. 23rd

Jayden Jan. 22nd

Owen Jan. 18th

Kye Jan. 9th

Logan Dec. 4th

Charlie Dec. 4th

Joshua Dec. 4th

Finlee Nov. 29th

Danny Nov. 28th

Charlie Nov. 22nd

Owen Nov. 21st

Mylo Nov. 16th

Charlie Oct. 18th


We thoroughly enjoyed researching the escapades of local villain, Dick Turpin, searching for clues and secondary evidence about his character. We considered artefacts found in a chest and whether they were authentic and could be considered together or not. 

We also developed our understanding of animals and plants in the various ecosystems around school. We considered how energy travels up through food chains and the concept of pyramids of numbers and biomass. 

Zoolab came in with a whole range of creatures for us to see and some of us were confident enough to touch them. 

We were alos lucky enough to have a visit from Tony and Gibbs from guide dogs for the blind and he had us all encapsualted with his tales of his life. 



We adored the book 'How to Live Forever' by Colin Thompson, finding out as much information referred to in the text. We thought about our own views and had some deep discussions, justifying our ideas. The pictures were fantastic and filled us with joy when we found intricate clues and common features. 

We also throughly enjoyed celebrating world book day, with Mr Richardson dressing up as the 'Highwayrat'. 

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We were inspired by the language used in 'How to Live Forever', using it to develop our descriptive writing and poetry. We used our research with great effect in information pages and organising persuasive pieces as well as debates. 


We have extended our undertsanding of number through fractions in a wide range of contexts and skills. We have developed and secured written methods in all four operations. We enjoyed applying our maths to real-life situations with plants and the garden, looking at ratio, measurement and percentages. 



The spellings for the Pathways are targeted to the needs of the individuals in the group including phonic CVC words, high frequency words and word families. 

Farm and Garden

 Our Gardening and Farm Year 2017-2018


Logan and Mr R

One windy afternoon in September 2017, I helped to lay the plastic flooring mat in the poly-tunnel. I thought I would be exhausted after, but I wasn’t. I did this by unrolling the plastic and carefully putting it in place before measuring and cutting it. Following that, we pulled it tight and hammered in plastic pegs to hold it in place. After that, we covered the whole floor space to stop weeds growing where we don’t want them, making it safer for us so we won’t trip. Subsequently, we have realised that the water drains through the mat making the ground squidgy but our boots clean.


One windy afternoon in October 2017 I Planted and sowed tree seeds in the cold-frame: conkers (horse chestnut), acorns (Turkish oak), hazelnuts (hazel and sweet chestnuts) for the farm. Then I patted them down with a shovel then we put them in a box so the sun can get to the seeds. And so subsequently they have grown from little seeds into little saplings.



One sunny morning in November a happy lady from food growing schools came into school in the library. At first I thought this was a waste of time but the lady showed us a bad school garden and a good school garden. She showed us how to care for plants and what it needs like water and soil. She showed the school some bugs and now I think it’s not a waste of time. See


In December 2017 we had to make the raised beds in the poly-tunnel. We filled giant, plastic sacks with lots of compost (recycled from waste from Essex County Council) and added soil for a good growing blend. When they were just about light enough to drag, we pulled them by the handles to the poly-tunnel. Then it took 30 minutes of shovelling the materials in to the wheelbarrows and carting it across.  



One sunny afternoon in January 2018, we needed to lay woodchip paths on the field to get to the poly-tunnel because it was looking messy as our trampling had made it muddy. My class helped to lay the paths which also helped keep weeds at bay. We had large bags of woodchips that we had to spread along the path. It was hard work! We had to work as a team to lay the paths. For any help, see



In February 2018 we planted the sunflower seeds, cucumbers, tomatoes, courgettes, strawberries, and other seeds in seed trays. We planted these in the poly-tunnel. They started to grow and bulb in the pots.

There was a lot of snow in February. The snow was thick and covered the ground. School was closed because the snow was so thick. It was dangerous to drive. When I was at home I went snow sledging. I wore lots of layers to keep warm.

Back at school, the plants were freezing. But they were in the Poly-tunnel and we had put the sheets on the ground. We planted our potatoes in big bags and put them in the poly tunnel.



March 2018 

We soil tested as a group. We had to put different soils in different tubes and left them for a few days and it turned different colours. The beast from the east came to our school. So we got to go home and it wasn't good for us or our plants. We dug the flower beds. And we used forks and planted sugar beet, wheat, barley and oil seeds. It was pretty fun cos we also learnt how to up a tent.



We went on a big coach when we arrived at the humongous college with a giant field there were scare crows to are right too our left were farm animal sheep, chickens, piglets and turkey. Then we left the animal area and entered another tent putting our stuff down and then we walked through a field with high grass across a road and into another field with big speakers, a fact area and big farm equipment driving over a field as a man asked questions and the crowd was answering then we headed back to the field to see some birds, water things, facts about farms and get free farm things (food) XD it was amazing!    



One rainy afternoon in April I planted pumpkin seeds for Halloween. I filled a plant pot with soil and put my finger in it to make a hole. Then I put the seed in to the pot and covered it over with more soil. The next time I went out and checked them and watched them grow one night. I noticed that the tree seeds had sprouted meaning we might have some new species in our woods.  



On May 2018 we got a brand new orange, beautiful tractor from (Kubota™) complete with a loader and trailer, this helped a lot. These great deals meant we could grow fresh fruit and vegetables for our school and eat for lunch. Which even helped with so many jobs. The tomato flowers began blooming in May and after such a wet spring we finally got potatoes in the dirt! all this happened in in our poly-tunnel thanks to hard work! It was hard but fun, I really enjoyed it. I felt really happy that I done it with my friends alongside me 😉.



We carefully used loppers to cut bamboo canes to make the frames for our beans to grow up. The wild flowers bloomed at the entrance to tempt pollinating insects into the poly-tunnel.

We made a scarecrow. We made it scary by putting Donald Trump's face because everybody hates him and he had a cook book for bird recipes.



In June, we harvested some new potatoes and had them for our lunches. The goats arrived and are girls and boys. We helped get them into their new home. Their food is hay and leaves they love to fight over the food. They love when people come to them and we love when we see them.



We had a phone call that came down to the class saying that the goats were here my face lit up! I was so excited I tried to rush Mr Richardson as we walked out my stomach was so excited we saw Tony on the way to the goats. Some people asked questions and he told us some stuff and we walked up to the field as Tony disappeared and when we got there and saw the trailer coming up the field we welcomed all the goats in Freddie, Sherlock, Custard and Rhubarb all into their new homes! I could see in their faces that Custard was scared and wouldn’t come out. Tony's friend came and pulled Custard out of the trailer but not long after Custard had come out and I could see on her face that she was happy. The other goats were very happy and enjoying them self a lot they were having loads of fun as we fed them we were enjoying ourselves too. I love Having goats on our field being able to go and see them instead of going all the way Lambourne end I can just walk to them XD!


Upcoming Events

We will be looking at a range of art and design ideas in the coming weeks. Group challenges and individual pieces will grow, using a wide range of materials and inspiration.