"All for one, and one for all!"

Wondering who is part of the team?

In Purple class we have: Dylan, Lewis, Harrison, Marcus, Alfie, Ben, Riley, Miss Baghurst, Gemma & Tracy

As we have adjusted back to the Autumn term, we began the year by discussing our hopes and dreams for the year and what we would like to achieve. These are displayed above our TV in our classroom to remind us of where we want to go.

Together, we discussed and agreed that it is important to understand the expectations in a classroom. Because of this, we used circle time to create a class contract of the different things the children will do including: focusing on ourselves, putting our hands up to speak and staying in our space. The boys expressed and agreed with the adults a range of things too, including: the use of Chromebooks in class, helping the boys with their learning and using a calm, gentle voice in the classroom as these are things that the boys feel helps them to learn. This is displayed on our whiteboard and we refer to this a lot during the school day. 


There is lots of learning that takes place in our class, and here you will find some of the highlights through pictures and captions from the children!


Mr Stink is the stinkiest stink!

This half term, we have been exploring the book ‘Mr Stink’ by David Walliams. We began by making an effective prediction on the text and using the clues from the front cover and blurb to predict what the text was about. Then, we wrote a character profile on the main character Chloe using the information we had read. We explored the key relationships in a text and used adjectives to describe the different character’s personalities.

WHAT IS THAT SMELL? We looked at exploring the imagery used by being blindfolded and smelling a box of Mr Stink’s burp and used descriptive vocabulary to describe the burp. This was very gruesome! Also, we looked at the extract of the burp and then rewrote it including our key vocabulary which included things like rotten eggs, mouldy onions and sour sausages! We then received a letter in the post from David Walliams challenging us to write about Mr Stink and to change the opinions of others. We decided to write a diary entry and have even sent these to David Walliams in the hope he may reply.

We thoroughly enjoyed delving deep into the text and learning about the different characters! Here is just some snippets of our learning…



What's that number?

To begin the year, we have began exploring and learning about the value of numbers! We have learnt to recognise the value of a digit, partitioning numbers up to 5 digits and being able to use key vocabulary, completing number sequences and comparing numbers using the greater than and less than symbols. Then, we applied this knowledge to enable us to order numbers from smallest to largest.

We also looked at negative numbers on a number line and learnt how to add and subtract them. Rounding numbers was also something we learnt about, and looked at rounding a range of different values. We found this tricky at first but just need to remember 0,1,2,3,4- slide to the floor... 5,6,7,8,9 climb the vine!

Finally, this half term we have revisited using the column method to add and subtract and must remember to THINK about whether we need to exchange into the next tens when adding or whether we need to knock next door to exchange when subtracting. The boys worked exceptionally hard on using resilience when faced with challenges and applying their growth mindset- it is not "I can't do it!" but instead, "I can't do it yet!"

As we have become more confident in different areas, we have been working collectively as a team to solve Maths problems. Children will often take the role of a teacher and help each other to work through the problem to effectively solve it! You could even ask the children a challenging question unexpectedly... they will show off their skills!

Below are snippets of the children's work over the last seven weeks... which will enable you to really explore our learning!


Connecting together

Our subjects are all combined into one title, so we began by looking at the importance of being together and the different areas in which staying connected is important.


LIGHTS ON! We have been exploring electricity this half term. To begin with, we shared our existing knowledge about electricity and wrote down all of the things that the children would like to investigate. We then looked at how to be safe around electricity and created a safety poster to raise awareness to people who use electricity. After, we explored a range of electricity products and sorted them into a table distinguishing electrical products to non-electrical products. This was very important as we then discussed battery or power mains and the differences between the power provided.

AT LAST! The boys had been waiting patiently to use the equipment so we learnt how to create a simple circuit and how this would be shown using the symbols. As a challenge, some boys investigated what would happen if another component e.g. a buzzer was added and how the light changed because the power was needing to provide for more electrical components. To end, we designed an electrical product e.g. lighthouse, windmills and torches and the boys proposed their model began making their model from papier mache and then decorated it. After that, they tested their electrical circuit and discussed its suitability for the design brief!

What does it mean to settle somewhere? We have been exploring settlements and looking at the reasons behind their choice to settle in a set location and the differences between settlements. We explored the positives and negatives of some locations including: mountains, beaches, rivers and open land. 

We then researched a range of settlements in the UK using the Chromebooks, and recorded our results using a drawing, observations and discussing whether we would like to live there or not and giving reaosns why.

Are we going back to the future? We applied our knowledge of settlements, and  we looked at designing our own settlement for the future considering the features it will provide including: power, transport, jobs and population. We thoroughly enjoyed this and had some elaborate designs!



Lexia is a reading and spelling APP which is tailored to the pupils existing knowledge and will reinforce previous learning, but introduce new spelling and reading approaches to enable the children to become confident, happy readers!

Below is a list of the children's achievements when they have moved up a level


25th September- Rhys

4th October- Harrison

9th October- Alfie

29th October- Dylan

30th October- Lewis

28th November- Alfie

29th November- Harrison

4th December- Marcus



well done

The World Outside of our Window

This half term during W.O.W time, we have been building our team building skills within a range of games. Also, the boys were given some criteria to design and build a bridge using some materials that enables a toy car to safely travel across. We had great fun problem solving when faced with a challenge and looking at how we can adapt our designs to make them fit for purpose.

Another fun skill we have learnt during W.O.W time is Coding- learning how to programme software (Scratch) and making unique instructions for their animations to follow.

The boys LOVE animation, so we explored designing and creating our very own finger puppets which we then had some time to perform with our peers.

To end, we have been very busy using papier mache to design and make an electrical circuit. The boys chose their own electrical item: a lighthouse, a windmill or a fan and then they had to make their base using recycled paper! These went home with the boys on the last day of half term (after we had lots of fun linking the circuits into their products and checking them against our design brief).


Creative writing

“To me, the greatest pleasure of writing is not what it’s about, but the inner music the words make.”

As a school we recognise and value that writing should be for enjoyment. Alongside creative lessons in English, once a week the boys are given a stimulus (videos, photos or music) and they are to be as creative as they wish with their own personal writing. This has shown to be a huge success so far as the freedom gives the boys the opportunities to delve into their writing and let their imaginations run wild! Here are just some of the examples of their creative writing, and the great length they have written in a 40 minute lesson!



Each half term, we explore a religion. Every Tuesday we have an RE assembly where we discuss and explore key concepts associated with the religion, before completing an activity in class.


This half term we have been exploring Christianity. We looked at churches and then explored defining a special place and drawing our own special place of what is important to us. We then investigated the meaning behind harvest festival, and gathered items to donate to a food bank as our way of giving thanks to others. To end, we learnt about All Saints Day and the key messages behind it and discovered how the original meaning has adapted over time and changed significantly from the influence of Ameria! 


Coming up...

Over the next half term, we will be exploring “We will remember” and looking at the history of WW1 and WW2 with some very exciting activities ahead!

we will remember(1)

Home learning

If during your time at home you are wanting some extra learning, do not forget to check out our different programmes!


 Lexia is a reading and spelling APP which is tailored to the pupils existing knowledge and will reinforce previous learning, but introduce new spelling and reading approaches to enable the children to become confident, happy readers!


Mathletics is an online programme which has a range of different Maths activities around a set unit, which will encourage the children to show their understanding in a range of contexts- including at a mastery level! We are ensuring that we revisit our previous learning and continue to apply this (so that we do not forget it!) and we try really hard each week to beat our scores. They are impressively increasing each week. 


Our online resource where children are assigned a range of different activities linked to their Englihs, Maths & Topic including some fun packed games.

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Extra curricular

WOW Day- 1st November 2018

On Thursday, we recieved some visitors who came and shared their role with us. This was... The Metropolitan Police. They came equipped with their uniform which included their protective armour, shields etc AND they even brought their police wagon! 

We spent this time learning about the different police roles in London and got to try on their different uniforms whilst talking to the police about their educational journey and how they were able to secure a job in the police force. 

In class, we then explored creating a persuasive advertisement about the role of the police officers and how they keep our streets safe, along with code breaking in Maths! For Art, we then made Top Trump cards for different police officers, police vehicles and some pretend robbers where we compared their skills of: Appearance, Personality, Strength and Skills. We loved then playing and discussing the differences! 

The boys in Purple Class displayed fantastic behaviour and here are some commments that the officers made:

"They were ever so well behaved! All of them! We all really enjoyed ourselves and it was no bother at all. If you ever want us again, it will be easily arranged."

"WOW! Their behaviour was fantastic and the boys had great questions to ask all morning!"

A huge thank you to the Metropolitan Police for dedicating their time to give us an insight into their roles!