"We are the champions!"

Wondering who is part of the team?

In Purple class we have: Beau, Lewis, Freddie, Bradley, Marcus, Malakai, Dylan, Riley, Alfie, Harry, Rhys, Jack, Miss Baghurst, Gemma, Katie and Karin! 

There is lots of learning that takes place in our class, and here you will find some of the highlights through pictures and captions from the children!

We have introduced some new approaches to learning:

 Lexia is a reading and spelling APP which is tailored to the pupils existing knowledge and will reinforce previous learning, but introduce new spelling and reading approaches to enable the children to become confident, happy readers!

Mathletics is an online programme which has a range of different Maths activities around a set unit, which will encourage the children to show their understanding in a range of contexts- including at a mastery level! We are ensuring that we revisit our previous learning and continue to apply this (so that we do not forget it!) and we try really hard each week to beat our scores. They are impressively increasing each week. 

Grammar Hammer is 25 mixed questions that are GPS focused- grammar, punctuation and spelling. This way we are continually learning new things about our grammar and the boys are beginning to apply this into their writing. 

As the weather improves, we have been gardening on Thursday afternoons, preparing our school field ready for the upcoming farm that will be built. We have been working very well as a team, sharing roles and communicating important messagges to one another. On another note, music has taken over at WPS! We have found that happy music allows us to feel happy in ourselves and so we have been beginning to sing and dance every morning to ensure that we begin our day feeling HAPPY!

Check out our different headings to follow our learning!



This half term in English, we have continued to explore the book ‘How to live forever’ where we have used a range of vocabulary to describe a setting. We learnt that this could be used to effectively create a picture for somebody.

We also created an advert- raising awareness about the purposes and benefits of Braille for blind people. We used alliteration, rhetorical questions and persuasive language to grab the readers attention and persuade them in understand the benefits. To further add to our understanding of Braille, we were lucky enough to be visited by Tony and Gibbs from The Blind Society, who shared his experience of being blind since birth and enabled us to meet Gibbs- he was super cute!

We then finished Summer 1 off by using the 5 senses and similes to write a free verse poem from using a picture as a stimulus! The poems were absolutely fantastic!

Below is a collection of the incredible writing the children have produced this half term… Enjoy!




We are masters! In Maths we have been revisiting previous learning to ensure we have solid understanding. This has included: Using dienes to show exchanging, partitioning numbers, adding and subtracting up to 4 digit numbers using the column method. Then, we have multiplied up to 4 digit numbers by a 1 digit number. Did you know, the easiest way is to partition the numbers, multiply and then add them all together to get your answer? Those 3 steps will allow you to solve numbers as large as you wish! Finally, we then used the fun method of 'bus stop' to divide numbers, ensuring that we used our times table knowledge to help us solve the different questions. As we have become more confident in different areas, we have been working collectively as a team to solve Maths problems. Children will often take the role of a teacher and help each other to work through the problem to effectively solve it! You could even ask the children a challenging question unexpectedly... they will show off their skills!

Below are snippets of the children's work over the last six weeks... which will enable you to really explore our learning!



 To infinity... and beyond!

This half term we have been exploring:

- What we already know about space

- The feeling of space using the 5 senses

- Designing a rocket

- Making an effective rocket

- Testing a rocket using appropriate 'fuel'

- Exploring life as an astronaut


3,2,1... BLAST OFF! You may have imagined what it is like to travel to space, but have you ACTUALLY been on a 360 degree journey in a video capturing rocket? We have! We loved this lesson, where we were taking on a breath taking journey through outter space, together. It was incredible. The children then thoroughyl enjoyed writing fantastic diary entries to explain the different moments they each experienced and felt!

We also wondered as a class the amount of fuel required in a rocket. SO- we created an experiment around this. We looked at the amount of fuel (water) needed to blast our rockets into space (the air). We kitted ourselves in safety goggles, and had a go at pumping the rocket with air and fuel and observing the distance it travelled! 

This has been a great topic and we cannot wait to go to the Royal Observatory to explore more about Space!




We have been learning all about our local area. This was a great topic to enable us to each stop and appreciate our surroundings and what we have so close to us! We have learnt to plant sunflower seeds effectively, record the growth of our seeds and look at ways to encourage the growth. They are located by the poly tunnel and across the school- ours are currently the tallest as the boys worked very hard on ensuring the ground was suitable and that the soil was healthy for the seeds to begin to grow in. We followed a set procedure, in potting them in a small container to begin with, and then transferring them into the ground once they had began to develop a stem!

We then explored the physical features of Chigwell- acknowledging the different elements in which we have around us and appreciating the facilities.



On Monday's, we experience a group music session... sometimes with Mr. Bacon, and sometimes with Miss B.

In this time, we create music to different beats usiing our voices and instruments. We have been really enjoying our music sessions and the boys have taken a keen interest to Ed Sheeran... "Shape of you". The talent that the children have shown is spectacular!

At Wells Park, we appreciate how Music makes us each feel- it is a release of any stress we may feel in our bodies and an opportunity to express our different emotions. Because of this, we have weekly music lessons on a Wednesday with Tony who has been teaching us to explore rhythms and apply this on a range of different instruments! We love beginning and ending a session with a song! 




 As the school farm is slowly taking shape, the boys in Purple class have enjoyed weekly gardening sessions. We kit ourselves out in overalls and wellies, and get ready to get stuck in to the mud! We have use team work skills to make a pathway across the field using woodchips. This was slightly tricky as we had to transport the woodchips into a wheel barrow, and effectively communicate together to get the woodchips into the correct place on the path and spread evenly! The boys thoroughly enjoy gardening and it has enabled them to build stronger relationships with one another.


World Book Day

Have you ever walked into school, expecting your normal classroom to have been transformed into Hogwarts for the day? On the 7th of March, we celebrated World Book Day (it was a little later than usual because of the snow). The children thoroughly enjoyed being sorted into different house teams by the sorting hat, and then embracing team spirit throughout the day as a wizard! Of course the boys loved to hear snippets from the book Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone… they also designed and created magical potions and then wrote a set of instructions explaining how to make your own one at home!



On the 21st March, we celebrated World Down Syndrome Day by ‘rocking our socks’ and learning Makaton. As a class we were respectful to understanding about each other’s differences and enjoyed participating and spreading awareness that we are all different in today’s society and it is important to embrace this as opposed to judge it.


Woody Wells!

Over the course of the last 6 weeks, our Woody Wells sessions have been tailored around the children, where they have been working in small groups with their peers playing and building different things within the forest. The boys have shown that they can manage to work effectively and safely together, and were given the opportunity to explore. We had a range of exploration shown, but some examples include: clay found deep within the ground and a collection of worms rescued and put into a worm hotel in class. Gemma leads our Woody sessions, and every week we have great fun, so a big thank you to Gemma!



Lexia is a new APP that we use every day for 30 minutes where we practice our phonics, spellings and reading. In Purple class, the rule of Lexia is to be comfortable, so we find a comfy area in the room, we can take our shoes off if needed, grab a cushion and we relax and read. This has helped the boys to feel happy to read and it has engaged them!


Each week we celebrate our 'Lexia Legend' AND give out the certificates for children who have completed a whole level on Lexia. Since September, the following children have been awarded their certificate for completing a whole level:


4th October- Dylan

10th October- Lewis

31st October- Dylan


8th November- Malakai

8th November- Riley

8th November- Dylan

14th November- Lewis

14th November- Beau

15th November- Dylan

28th November- Lewis

29th November- Dylan

30th November- Freddie

4th December- Riley

5th December- Malakai

5th December- Alfie

6th December- Lewis

6th December- Beau


9th January- Bradley

16th January- Lewis

16th January- Malakai

17th January- Dylan

24th January- Freddie

25th January- Alfie

26th January- Lewis

31st January- Marcus


22nd February- Beau

27th February- Bradley

27th February- Malakai

27th February- Alfie

2nd March- Lewis

5th March- Riley

14th March- Riley

20th March- Beau

28th March- Bradley



16th April- Lewis

16th April- Alfie

8th May- Marcus

8th May- Riley

11th May- Lewis

22nd May- Beau


4th June- Riley

12th June- Lewis

14th June- Dylan

14th June- Malakai

14th June- Bradley

18th June- Beau

25th June- Jack

27th June- Freddie

9th July- Harry

17th July- Jack

17th July- Riley

18th July- Malakai

Well done to you all, as you work exceptionally hard on Lexia... Watch this space for many more names to appear

Coming up...

Now that Summer is here with us, we will be very busy growing as learners socially with our peers and adults, and of course with our learning. 

This term we have two fantastic school trips approaching! A visit to Writtle College for the Food and Farming Day where we will be learning all about how food is grown.Also, we will be visiting the Royal Observatory in London to apply our learning about Space  to further enrich our Scientific knowledge!

As the Summer term is quickly approaching, we are going to be enjoying the beautiful English weather and help support the development of the new FARM that is beginning at Wells Park! We are very excited to be working with the different animals- we will be sure to give them lots of love and care! 


WOW! As Summer has arrived at Wells Park School, we finally have the farm up and running! and check out our new visitors!

We have:







We loved meeting our new additions and we cannot WAIT to go and learn more about them. This will include learning about their habitat and how to care for the goats. We are going to be busy busy busy!

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