"We are the champions"

Wondering who is part of the team?

In Purple class we have: Beau, Lewis, Freddie, Bradley, Marcus, Malakai, Dylan, Riley, Alfie, Harry, Miss Baghurst, Gemma and Katie! 

There is lots of learning that takes place in our class, and here you will find some of the highlights through pictures and captions from the children!

In English, we have been exploring Roald Dahl and have been writing a diary entry from the viewpoint of Charlie Bucket. Many of the children had seen the films, but never read the text and they really enjoyed following the story and discussing their opinions on the text.We have been extremely lucky to have been visited by a Pantomime, where we then wrote an independent diary entry about our experience. In Maths we have been revisiting our place value knowledge and then applying this to understanding fractions and decimals! We can now recognise that they are part of a whole number. 

We have introduced some new approaches to learning:

 Mathletics enables us to answer 25 mixed maths questions every week where we are ensuring that we revisit our previous learning and continue to apply this (so that we do not forget it!) and we try really hard each week to beat our scores. They are impressively increasing each week. 

Grammar Hammer is 25 mixed questions that are GPS focused- grammar, punctuation and spelling. This way we are continually learning new things about our grammar and the boys are beginning to apply this into their writing. 

As the weather improves, we have been gardening on Thursday afternoons, preparing our school field ready for the upcoming farm that will be built. We have been working very well as a team, sharing roles and communicating important messagges to one another. On another note, music has taken over at WPS! We have found that happy music allows us to feel happy in ourselves and so we have been beginning to sing and dance every morning to ensure that we begin our day feeling HAPPY!

Check out our different headings to follow our learning!


Have you ever recieved a mysterious letter? Well we did. A previous pupil from many years ago told us they had planted a trail... well of course we had to check this out. We went on a trail and used the clues given to take us to the next one. Each day new information was given and we wrote about this in a newspaper article, recounting the experience so that the other classes could experience what we felt on this journey. By the end of the week... we found the final clue. Amazingly, we found the golden ticket which led us to large amounts of chocolate, biscuits and fruit. We melted this and had a chocolate feast! It was absolutely chocolatey mess!

Here are some of the boys opinions...

"I loved the melted chocolate in my mouth." Dylan

"This is the best day of my life!" Malakai

"I want to find who did this for us and thank them." Lewis

"I think I might have eaten too much chocolate."


Below are two pieces of children's work from Beau & Alfie... the start of the trail to the end. Maybe you will gain an insight into our experience...



Over the last six weeks, we have been exploring fractions. How could we possibly look at fractions for so long I am sure you are wondering? The new curriculum enables the children to delve deeper into their knowledge of a chosen area, and ensure that they can apply their knowledge and master it. We have looked at:

- Recognising fractions

- Finding and writing fractions

- Finding fractions of an amount

- Adding and subtracting fractions

- Equivalent fractions

- Finding decimal equivalents of fractions


Below are snippets of the children's work over the last six weeks... which will enable you to really explore our learning!




We have been on a journey exploring materials in every day life and naming them. We then looking at classifying them based on their propertieies e.g. their texture, strength, thickness and durability. Did you know materials can be seperated using filtration? We LOVED this experiment as we imagined we had some sewage water that we wanted to drink... but how could we do that? We made our very own filter and by the end the water was looking clear. We didn't want to risk drinking it but we learnt how we can seperate materials using a filter. 



Biomes! A term to describe the different natural habitations that occur throughout the world. We have explored the 6 biggest biomes and researched key information about this. We then wrote a non-chronological report using our writing skills applying our knowledge of biomes. Below are just some tiny snippets of the children's writing!


"Did you know the tundra is freezing cold?" (Harry)

"The ground is as cold as an ice cube." (Riley)

"It has shrunk by 20% due to climate change." (Beau)

"Did you know the tundra is so crazy cold? The animals have evolved to cope with it so they are now winter animals but because of climate change, the land and animals are dying." (Lewis)


Tie dye!

We have been exploring the use of materials and  designing, preparing and dying our own fabric. We have created some very unique t-shirts that have been sent home for us to now wear! Enjoy boys!



On Monday's, we experience a group music session... sometimes with Mr. Bacon, and sometimes with Miss B.

In this time, we create music to different beats usiing our voices and instruments. We have been really enjoying our music sessions and the boys have taken a keen interest to Ed Sheeran... "Shape of you". The talent that the children have shown is spectacular!


Woody Wells!

We love going to the forest on a Monday morning. In this time, we build dens, learn life skills e.g. the recovery position and get an opportunity to play and learn new things about the environment and our friends. Here are some photos of our time in the woods...



Lexia is a new APP that we use every day for 30 minutes where we practice our phonics, spellings and reading. In Purple class, the rule of Lexia is to be comfortable, so we find a comfy area in the room, we can take our shoes off if needed, grab a cushion and we relax and read. This has helped the boys to feel happy to read and it has engaged them!


Each week we celebrate our 'Lexia Legend' AND give out the certificates for children who have completed a whole level on Lexia. Since September, the following children have been awarded their certificate for completing a whole level:


4th October- Dylan

10th October- Lewis

31st October- Dylan


8th November- Malakai

8th November- Riley

8th November- Dylan

14th November- Lewis

14th November- Beau

15th November- Dylan

28th November- Lewis

29th November- Dylan

30th November- Freddie

4th December- Riley

5th December- Malakai

5th December- Alfie

6th December- Lewis

6th December- Beau


9th January- Bradley

16th January- Lewis

16th January- Malakai

17th January- Dylan

24th January- Freddie

25th January- Alfie

26th January- Lewis

31st January- Marcus


22nd February- Beau

27th February- Bradley

27th February- Malakai

27th February- Alfie

2nd March- Lewis

5th March- Riley

14th March- Riley



Well done to you all, as you work exceptionally hard on Lexia... Watch this space for many more names to appear


Coming up...

In Spring 2... we will be transforming into learning about the Ancient Greeks and learning about their lives and the impact this had on Britain. I wonder if we still remember the Ancient Greeks today in the 21st century?

Before too much information is said.. we will also be looking at 'FOREVER' and what this means to us. What is forvever?